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Emergency Nail Repairs

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About Emergency Nail Repairs

Learning nail repair techniques are handy for technicians and the general public alike. Your nails can break at any moment and itís always when you can do very little about it. There is nothing more annoying than growing your fingernails out to a decent length for them to split or break slightly. That is why knowing the Ďat homeí methods are especially beneficial to fix broken tips. As it is possible, it will be helpful to learn and perform nail repair operations.

With nail repair kits and tips all available to study in this article, youíll be able to handle all sorts of situations. For when youíre out and about, itís best to keep a repair kit in your handbag. Gain the knowledge of how to fix broken nails if youíre a trainee technician or youíve reached an advanced level. If you just to want to know how to perform a quick nail repair fix just keep on reading.


Tea Bag Technique

You donít always want to have to visit your nearest salon and spend out when your nail has a minor split. If youíre a massive fan of tea youíre bound to have a huge pot lying around, filled to the rim with bags. Donít worry, though, if youíre not particularly keen on tea, youíre bound to have a bag knocking about somewhere. To fix a broken nail with a tea bag you need to follow these simple steps:
  1. Your first task is to remove any nail polish existing on the broken tip. Clean it up to eliminate any horrible dirt, germs and bacteria.

  2. Cut the bag open and scoop out the tea inside, leaving just the helpful material behind.

  3. With your scissors, cut out a small shape that will fit over the breakage.

  4. Put the piece of tea bag on top of the broken part of the fingernail and with a transparent varnish, paint over the patch to make it stick.

  5. Make a cup of tea and wait for the polish to dry out.

  6. If the patch of tea bag is hanging out over the sides or over the top, give it a little trim to tidy it up.

  7. To make your nails appear completely natural and like they havenít suffered a horrific break, treat your broken nail to manicure by applying your favourite coloured polish.

  8. Now all you have to do is wait for your fingernail to get through the home-made repair by letting it grown out but if you do have any doubts, you should call into your local salon.
There you have eight simple steps to perform a successful nail repair using a tea bag. Who knew household products were so useful to broken nails? Another important pointer is to keep your split tip looking good and manicured. Just wait for it to grow out and you will have performed a triumphant nail repair simply, and at little cost!

Super Glue Technique

Did you know you can carry out a nail repair by using super glue? We all learn something new every day! This usually solves the problem if you have split or broken your fingernail. If you canít find any around the house and youíve searched literally everywhere, nip to the shop and arm yourself with a powerful fixing agent. Follow these nail repair steps for this particular technique:
  1. Wipe off any remaining nail polish.

  2. Assess the situation before applying any glue. Once your evaluation has been made, it will be easier to know where to apply the glue.

  3. Carefully, with the glue in hand, apply to the break, either over the top or underneath also if the break or split is especially severe. When applying make sure you donít use too much or get it on your skin as it contains strong chemicals.

  4. If there is excess liquid, remove it cautiously with some varnish remover.

  5. Wait for the glue to dry before using your hand with the broken nail.

  6. This technique should work until the fingernail grows out, but if you do have any qualms donít be afraid to visit a technician, theyíve seen it all before.
   There you have it, a nail repair with super glue. Even though it is a very useful tip to learn, it also has a disadvantage. When using the glue you need to consider what it can do to your nail plate and the negative effects it can have. Not to be a long term solution every time you acquire a broken fingernail, it should only be used in emergencies. So be careful when you have to carry out a nail repair in the future.


If you need a nail repair kit to take around with you when youíre on the go as you canít exactly store a tea bag and super glue in your handbag at all times, then we have researched some solutions for you. These will be useful for natural and artificial nails alike. For minor splits and breakages, if your fingernail has broken it needs to fixed carefully and sensibly. Well we know of one reliable nail repair kit at least.

Invisible Emergency Repair Kit

In this kit you will find items that will fix your broken fingers such as plasters, nail files, solutions and more. This is a practical and helpful set to have around the house or in your precious handbag. In it you will find the items including scissors, nail files, plasters, liquids and even a cuticle tool. All of these items are perfect to save a normal fingernail and an artificial one. For a nail repair that is invisible, this emergency kit is worth looking into.

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