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Exfoliating The Hands

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About Exfoliating The Hands

If you have dry and cracked skin, hand exfoliation is a way of relieving the pain and will leave you with super smooth and soft hands. You can either have a hand exfoliation treatment at a spa or you can do it yourself at home. Not hard or taking up too much valuable time to perform, the rough skin on your hands will be gone in no time. During colder months in the year, the air tends to get dry meaning your hands are more susceptible to becoming dry, sore and cracked. They need moisture to keep them soft and in good health, which is why hand exfoliation should be used as part of your beauty regime.

There are different hand exfoliation techniques to try out or follow (if you’re feeling adventurous). Depending on your gender and what sort of person you are, you can visit a spa and pay for a hand treatment. This means you won’t have to worry about doing it wrong and instead you can just relax while someone else does the hard work! We know most of you women would prefer a day at a spa, with professionals looking after your precious hands, but guys are different. Some men get embarrassed or feel too ‘manly’ to enter a salon or spa. Not always the reason, another explanation could be because you don’t have enough time on your hands or the money to splash out on a ‘spa day’ which is why home hand and body treatments would be far more beneficial for you. Easy to follow and do yourself, professionals are not required for home hand exfoliation, just time and patience.


When thinking about hand exfoliation, different types and treatments may come to mind. This is because there is more than one technique available to follow. It may also depend on how damaged and rough your hands are to know how often to perform the treatment. Asking a friend or looking online will help you decide which hand exfoliation therapy works best for you. Of course there is a favourite technique that most people have heard of and tried out, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best hand exfoliation, or does it?

Sea Salt Treatment

The sea salt treatment is one of the most well-known hand exfoliation techniques around. Sea salt is an abrasive and is very coarse, meaning it is one of the best substances to deal with dry and hard skin on hands. It is also one of the cheapest treatments which has the finest results. This is how it’s done:
  • Step One: The first step is to pour one cup of sea salt into a bowl.
  • Step Two: Pour in a small amount of water or oil (about half a cup) to the sea salt.
  • Step Three: Mix the substance until it looks ready to be used.
  • Step Four: Now comes the fun part, you need to rub the mixture into your hands for five to ten minutes.
  • Step Five: Once you have scrubbed the dead and rough skin away from your hands, you need to wash the substance off your hands using lukewarm water.
Please Note: When performing this hand exfoliation treatment, make sure you don’t rub the salt mixture too hard otherwise this could make the skin sore.

The above method can also be done with other ingredients such as petroleum jelly and sugar. Another cheap way to soften hard skin on the hands is to use soap – that’s right, just ordinary soap:

Soap Treatment
  • Step One: Wash your hands with your favourite soap for around ten to fifteen seconds.
  • Step Two: Make sure they are thoroughly clean and rinsed before gently towel drying them.
  • Step Three: Your hands will feel a lot smoother and healthier after that little bit of attention.
Although this hand exfoliation treatment works well, most methods include the use of sugar or salt (coarse products help reduce the rough skin on hands). Basically a lot of the other hand and body treatments are the same as the first, different products are just used instead.

Spa Treatments

The word ‘spa’ might sound pricey but a spa hand exfoliation treatment is in fact not as costly as you would expect. Sometimes we like to be pampered and cared for, which is why we leave it until a special occasion or splash out every now and then. Another reason is because we don’t trust ourselves and would much rather leave it to the professionals to do it. There are plenty of reasons why heading to the nearest spa can benefit you and your hands and sometimes it can be the best option.


Just like your precious beauty regime, hand exfoliation needs to be added to your weekly routine, especially if your hands suffer from dry and dehydrated skin regularly. The most important part about exfoliating the skin is to remember to use moisturiser. It restores moisture back into the skin, making it soft and smooth again. It will also improve your nails as they too need moisture to help them grow healthily. So there you have it, essential information on hand exfoliation, now you know what to do give it a go.

Article Disclaimer: For more information, please view our article guides terms and conditions page.

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