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Nail Polish

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About Nail Polish

Itís hard to believe nail polish existed as long ago as the ancient Egyptian period, where it served to separate the different social ranks and orders. While many of the traditions of nail varnish use have long since gone, the trend still remains firmly entrenched in modern fashion.

Back in Ancient Egypt, royalty wore different bright shades of nail polish while those further down the social rank worn paler shades. It wasnít only women who wore nail varnish either; men used their fair share too, definitely much more than they do in the present day!

Moving in to the early twentieth century, nail polish was created by taking inspiration from the way cars were painted. It was discovered that the polish was perfect for nails as it only formed an enamel coating which could be easily wiped off; who knew that the modern nail varnish was created thanks to the painting of cars?

With several types of nail polish available to help strengthen your nails, assist growth and prevent damage, nail varnish is a wonderful choice for anyone who cares about the impression their nails give out.

What Is Nail Polish Made From?

The creation of nail polish consists of a mixture of different materials, the most common being film forming agents, plasticizers, resins and pigments. Although all these substances help to create nail varnish, the main ingredient which is key to the entire process is known as nitrocellulose.

This particular substance helps to form a film, hence the hardening of the nail polish, but itís unable to make a long-lasting impact on nails without the help of other important ingredients such as plasticizers, which help the nail varnish stick to the fingernails and protect the varnish from wearing away quickly. After this, polishes can be left clear or pigments can be added to create a colour.

Previously in the development of nail polish, cheaper to use harsh chemicals were added so the price of the end product would be less to the consumer, but in this case cheap wasnít always best. At Roo Beauty we agree that safety should always come first, and any nail varnish you find here will be of the highest quality and safety standards.

Applying Your Nail Polish

When it comes to applying nail polish there are several important techniques and steps that should be followed, because a good application will ensure the polish lasts for at least a week. The perfect nail varnish coat will be achieved by using minimal strokes to provide equal and even coverage on the nail.

Itís vital that the nail polish does not touch tissue on either side of the nail; this is a sign of a poor finish. Polish should only be found on the nails and the coats applied shouldnít be too thick as this will take longer to dry. The surface will dry quickly whereas the nail varnish underneath will take a number of days to dry, resulting in an uneven finish, so make sure you follow these steps to get the best outcome:
  1. Get rid of any excess substances and nail polish by wiping over the nails with varnish remover.
  2. A thin base coat should then be applied to keep the nails protected.
  3. Two thin layers of polish should be applied using a few strokes. When it comes to the tenth nail the first coat should have dried and should then be ready for the second coat.
  4. Make sure you check the nails thoroughly to decide whether a third coat of polish is necessary.
  5. A top coat should now be applied to the nails.
  6. Add a bit of oil and allow it to trickle down the nails.
With such a huge collection of different shades, you should be sure to organise your polishes using one of the many nail polish rolls or manicure folders. Nails can be used to make a statement, as a fashion addition or simply to prove care is taken in appearance.

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