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Types of Nail Polish

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About Types of Nail Polish

It’s true that different types of nail polish can play a big part in enhancing yours or your clients’ trend. When it comes to choosing the correct colour it can be quite a daunting task, especially as the typical nail technician will have every colour in the rainbow, and more, available! Or the right type of varnish, for that matter. Everybody has a different set of nails and understanding the nail type of your client will help you in deciding which polish to apply. And if that wasn’t difficult enough, there are also plenty of finishes to look through and pick. All getting a bit complicated? Well, there’s no need to get in a twist as this article is dedicated to types of nail polish and breaking down the different finishes and styles to help you on your way to becoming the perfect nail technician. There are types available to help strengthen, assist growth and even prevent damage. These can come in a clear form or you can get coloured versions. We’ve rounded up the types of nail polish available and what they do.


  • Base Coat: The base coat comes in a clear colour and should be applied to the nails before you apply the coloured varnish. It also prevents the darker coloured polishes from staining the nails. Many people wear just this type of polish to protect their nails.

  • Coloured Nail Polish: This comes in a wide variety of colours, shades and tones. Coloured nail polish is a good way of concealing certain defects. Certain types can help strengthen and encourage the growth of nails. It also does the task of protecting your nails.

  • Strengthening Polish: Strengthening nail varnish is perfect for those who use their hands vigorously daily in a working situation. Strengthening nail polish can help reduce breaks and chips.

  • Varnish for Nail Problems: We all have different nails and some of us have problems which can be easily reduced and stopped. These certain types of polishes are aimed at problems such as nail biting. With a sour taste, it will put you off biting your nails.

  • Top Coat: Another clear coat which is used when the coloured varnish has dried completely. It used as a protector and even helps stop the colour from fading and chipping easily.


It’s true that different types of nail polish can have great advantages when it comes to looking after your nails. Underneath all that colour, it works hard to protect fingernails and helps them grow. Who knew varnish did all that? There are also other ways of keeping your finger ends looking good. Besides what the varnishes can do for you health wise, there has to be visual positives too. We have found the types of nail polish finishes that leave your hands looking fabulous.
  • Matte Finish: First off we have the ever popular matte finish. This type of finish leaves your nails looking completely natural and is perfect for wearing on casual days and adding a bit of colour to your personal style.

  • Metallic Finish: Metallic nail polishes are often found in gold, silver and even copper or bronze. They produce a metal like appearance that has often been sported by celebrities in the world of Hollywood such as Katy Perry.

  • Extra Shine: This finish leaves a wet look on your nails and is a very popular choice. You’ll find your nails will shimmer under the light, offering a more glamorous look.

  • Glitter Finish: The glitter finish is often found in two types; one with chunks and one with tiny pieces. It is extremely popular for wearing at night time and offers a flirty and mysterious look, especially in darker colours.
All of these finishes can be found in a variety of colours to enhance the look of your nails.


  1. Keep Varnish Fresh

    Store your bottle(s) in the fridge when they are not in use. This will make them easier to use later on.

  2. Open Bottle Easier

    Before putting your polishes away, clean the lid and the top of the bottle with a small bit of varnish remover so that the lid and bottle doesn’t stick, making it easier to open when you come to use it again.

  3. Mend a Nail

    Did you know that you can fix a broken fingernail with a bit of polish? Simply grab a tea bag from your kitchen, cut it open, remove the tea and trim a piece of the bag off equivalent to the break or split of your nail. Coat the bag in clear nail varnish and put it on the broken patch, applying a bit of pressure. Paint over the nail and you will never notice the damage.

  4. Eliminate Bubbles

    Bubbles are one of the most annoying things when it comes to painting your nails. They can ruin what was going to be a perfect coat, meaning you will have to start again. Instead of shaking the bottle to mix the colour, simply roll it between the palms of your hands.
So there you have it, there are several types of nail polish to make your nails look pretty. You’re probably be wondering now ‘how do I store it safely and easily?’. Well there are certain things you can use including a nail wrap or a nail roll, available in exotic or extreme colours and patterns from Roo Salon. Every varnish deserves a home and you will need something to stow away those pesky bottles. The suggestions above are the best options for keeping your bottles in one place and carrying them around with you easily. Bear the types of nail polish information in mind and come back and give it another read if you need to.

Article Disclaimer: For more information, please view our article guides terms and conditions page.

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