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How To Store Nail Polish

Filed under: Guides — March 14, 2013
How To Store Nail Polish

Applying Red Nail Polish

Polishing your nails in your favourite colours and designs can be a great way decorate your image and enhance your style. It’s a therapeutic process that can install extra verve and glamour to your look; however, have you ever wondered why you are no longer getting those satisfying results just as you did when you first opened your nail polish bottle?

The Right Temperature And Light

Just like most cosmetics, achieving the correct temperature is integral to nail polish shelf life. Exposing products to too much heat or too much cold can damage their mixture and provide you with unsatisfying results. The perfect place to store your nail polish has to be in a cool and shady place, an area of the house that keeps a consistent temperature for most of the day. Storing nail polish in bedroom drawers is ideal, especially if you haven’t got some of our great nail polish storage solutions handy. Here it will remain restricted from the sun and, unless you leave your straighteners on nearby, the nail polish should retain a steady room temperature.

Some people decide to store nail polish in the fridge. Refrigeration limits solvent evaporation and deters pigment disruption, meaning it slows down the discolouration that naturally occurs over time. It’s also said that storing in the fridge helps to keep the polish’s thick and luxurious consistency. However there are doubters who suggest keeping polish in the fridge could be dangerous. The danger comes if a highly flammable polish were to react with a sparking motor inside the fridge, and although this is highly unlikely, it is still possible.

Do not be tempted to store nail polish in the bathroom! Although this may seem like a decent spot to store your nail polish, it really isn’t. You have to take into account the frequent temperature changes when showering or taking a bath, as well as the likelihood of bathrooms being brightly lit. In terms of temperature and where to store – just remember to keep them in a dry and cool place away from sunlight and select somewhere that provides a consistent temperature.

Storing In What And With What?

Now you’ve found the room and area you’d like to store your nail polish you’ll now have to figure out what you’d like to use to help collect them. Beauty cases and trolleys are a fantastic way to store your nail polish and accessories. Inside they are naturally dark, cool and dry but from the outside they appear fashionable, trendy and stylish. They’re also the perfect unit for a well designed bedroom that doesn’t want its image sacrificed.


For the more unconventional and creative, why not craft some DIY storage units. You can build yourself some shelves or use some redundant shelving that looks abandoned and no longer has a use in your home. If you’re scared of building your own then a cheap spice rack is also a unique and easy way of storing your nail polish. You can even try customising a shoe box with some stencils, stickers or paint. This will provide the perfect storage unit to store your polish, it is dark and dry. Lastly, if you have an unused drawer or you can jumble your socks elsewhere then some deep drawers also make the ideal homes for nail polish. If you have a vast array of colours and loads of polishes to pick from then the deeper the drawer the better.

Keep Them Standing And Don’t Go Shaking

You’ve got the room, you’ve acquired a storage unit – now you just have to maintain your collection. You must store your nail polish upright, regardless of how many you have and how hard they’re to control. To avoid getting the bottle lid stuck when you next go to apply do not store your nail polish sideways. If you store your bottles willy-nilly and without structure the polish lacquer can infiltrate the neck of the bottle which may result in the infamous stuck lid, meaning you can wave goodbye to your favourite colour.

Shaking your bottle before usage is also a no-no. Although you may think that this action will add fluidity to your mixture it may just create bubbles within the polish, making it a lot harder to gain smooth and bump free coating.

You need to remember to take care of your cosmetics if you want them to flourish, and by sticking to a simple routine and keeping them in a suitable storage place is all you need to do. Usually the standard nail polish has a shelf life of up to two years, so try to get the best out of them by using these three simple steps on how to store nail polish.



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