Nail Art Double-Its

Whether you work in the nail industry or you’re an enthusiastic nail lover, you’ll appreciate all our Double-It nail art bags have to offer you! This much loved carrier is perfect for keeping all your most loved nail art supplies in one place and has been made with those who take nail creativity to the next level.

These Double-It nail art bags are perfect for the travelling nail technician to take around when visiting clients and its professional design will demonstrate to your clients that you take your role seriously. The cases come in 3 different colours so you can find one that matches both your own style and that image you have created for your own business.

Once You Use Our Double-It Nail Art Bags, You’ll Never Go Back

Because we know the world of a travelling nail artist is a busy one, you’ll find that these spacious Double-It nail art bags are also lightweight and easy to move around. The cases compartments have been made so that you can get your favourite items with ease, and the mesh tops will allow you to see the contents at a glance.

These Double-It nail art bags come with many perks, and you’ll find yourself spoilt with foil inserts that can carry up to 18 nail polishes and another compartment to store your brushes and other tools. You’ll particularly love it’s secure design that will ensure you have all the protection you require to keep your tools in pristine condition.

Need More Space For Your Nail Art Bags? Then Double-It!

The Double-It Nail Art bags get their name from their double compartment feature that will allow you to fit plenty of your nail equipment without a struggle. It’s many combinations mean that you can adapt the case to suit your own needs and organise the contents in a way that suits your own daily routine.

Because we know that you want your Double-It nail art bags to last you for the long run, we’ve designed them to a salon standard and ensured they’ve been made with quality materials and an attention to detail so you know you’re getting the professional treatment! This case is definitely a no-brainer for those who need something reliable, stylish and efficient.