Nail Cases

Nail Cases

Nail Cases

With nail cases from our collection, you can overload on a diverse selection of different coloured enamels, making it more likely for you to provide your clients with the colour they want. Each of our nail polish holders are complete with dividers that let you hold up to 20 nail polish colours while also keeping them firmly in position during transportation, preventing any unexpected spillages.

Our soft nail art cases come with mesh lids, if you are worried about accidentally dropping your nail polish or simply wanted to save a little extra time by not opening your collection, you can always peek through the lid to see what colours you have at your disposal without having to take them out. This is great for seeing what you have at a glance and keeping track of where you’ve stored certain items.

If You Love Nail Art Then Check Out These Professional Cases!

If you are looking for something a bit bigger than the soft nail art cases in our range, you could always look at our Mamba nail and beauty cases. The Mamba case offers fantastic and innovative storage compartments that provide you with the opportunity to store your nail polish, lamps, acetone bottles and anything else you can think of. Designed to solve all of your needs, the dividers featured in the nail polish case and nail and beauty cases in our range are all removable, giving you the chance to use the space for any other items that you need.

Nothing shows your clients that you are serious about your work then with these professional looking nail art cases. Not only do they show that you have confidence in your skills, but also that you’re willing to go beyond and put extra effort in giving your clients the service they deserve. Our boxes and cases are made to a salon standard so that you know you’re only getting the best to work with!

Look No Further For Salon Grade Nail Art Cases!

If you wanted to give that special person in your life with a soft spot for nails a gift, then our selection of nail art cases could be just the thing you’re looking for. In particular our boxes with storage for both nail polishes and nail art brushes would make the perfect gift for the person who either works with nails for a living or is simply obsessed with the movement!

We may have plenty of different nail art cases to spoil you with, but that’s not all we have to offer nail fans! Our clearance section has tons of nail related goodies at a discounted price so you can get all the professionalism and salon quality that you want, but at a modest price. You’ll also find gift sets that are perfect for those starting out in the industry who want some tools to begin their collection.