Nail Trolleys

Nail Trolleys

Nail Technicians Proefessional Trolleys 

If you are a professional nail technician, either within a salon or you work independently, then nail technician trolleys can be a saving grace to the way you work. Roo Beauty’s trolleys come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs, catering for many trades and all the needs that come with it. You will instantly reap the rewards of buying a nail tech trolley, it’ll save you time, reinforce the security of your beauty tools and simply add to your glamorous edge.

There are many pros of owning a professional nail technician trolley; for starters they help to store away your tools and equipment in one secure spot, using designated areas and safe compartments to stash away your nail equipment. We are also well aware of how bulky and annoying moving your beauty supplies can be, so with this in mind our trolleys have been created to improve mobility.

With one of our trolleys you will find manoeuvring around the salon a whole lot easier. On top of this our manicure trolleys sophisticated and polished appearance will really benefit your professional presentation. Their stylish and robust nature will help to portray your services as both highly respectable and modern.

Find The Perfect Piece Of Salon Furniture By Exploring Our Range Of Nail Technician Trolleys

First off, although the majority of our nail technician trolleys end up in the hands of budding technicians and experienced professionals, we have been known to supply beauty trolleys to people who simply want the design around the home. With the inclusion of various different compartments and the convenience of being on wheels, our trolleys make great storage for not just beauty tools but any items deemed appropriate.

If you’re seeking a beauty storage unit for professional work then you’ve undoubtedly come to the right place. Roo Beauty have been collaborating alongside designers to find the correct balance between function and style. For years the function of our trolleys have positively aided nail technicians, with pull out drawers hosting secure polish holders to larger main compartments to stash UV lights and other larger beauty tools. We’ve managed to understand your essential needs and have looked to adapt this to every single nail technician trolley we create.

Different Nail Technician Trolleys Offer Various Stylish Designs

We have currently undergone a revamp of our popular beauty trolley range. After listening to our fans and customers we’re truly excited to reveal the arrival of our brand new four wheel beauty trolley which is now readily available. Our modification from two wheels to four wheels is sure to make a smooth transition into any beautiful arena, whether professional, training or personal.

The sleek and stylish appearance of our manicure trolleys will not be changing, as our Imperial design and Monsoon trolley range will continue to blossom and keep your beauty storage looking swish. To keep up to date with our new designs and nail technician equipment - simply write us an email, drop us a line on social media or keep coming back to our website for the latest beauty products on offer.