Beauty professionals why you should sell Valentine’s Day pamper packages.

Salon gift packages- the gift that keeps on givingHeartOffering packages on Valentine’s Day is a great way to give you bank balance a big ol’ boost now doesn’t that sound appealing?! On Valentine’s Day people want to treat themselves and their partners to a little bit of luxury and romance which gives you opportunity to make profit on sales by offering pamper packages.

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The chances of a customer booking in for a single treatment so they look glam for the night ahead is fairly high, so why not capitalise on that and offer more treatments to double your profit, Heartshe’s already coming in for one treatment chances are she won’t say no to more.
Why not offer her the chance to indulge in multiple treatments for a set price as part of a package? You don’t even have to undercut your prices, carefully plan your packages so they’re appealing to the customer as well as cost/time effective for yourself.

Valentines blog- gift package example ROO

Here is an example of the type of packages you could offer, though it is up to you. Choose treatments that are both desirable and play to your strengths

the price is right

HeartYou might think the price looks too expensive and be tempted to make the package cheaper DON’T! You’re a business; your aim is to make money.

Instead of discount up-sell your package, add complimentary treatments that cost you little or nothing and include complimentary snacks and beverages (a glass of bubbles or a cocktail is always very enticing)and as it’s Valentine’s Day why not include a Rose for anyone who books one of your packages?

marketing makes money

Marketing is important if you want your package to sell. No one’s going to book in if they don’t know it’s available. Make it clear. Share it on your social media pages, have a notice board outside of your salon, email the offer to your customer’s and maybe even post them a flyer. If you marketing’s on point you are bound to have more sales and therefore more profit!

Happy Valentines Day ROO

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