Breaking the bad. Getting yourself out of a same-style rut.


Now I don’t know about you but when I find something I like I tend to stick to it. I just can’t help it; I’m a creature of habit! I’m like it with everything, from coffee shops to shoe stores! Because to me, if the shoe fits then I shall keep wearing it, and wearing it until there’s holes in the bottom and feet poking out at the sides and I mean that in both a metaphorical and literal sense!

But then as the saying goes, if it’s not broke don’t fix it right? Well, it’s right to an extent. After all there’s nothing wrong with finding something you like and sticking with it. However sometimes you could actually be doing yourself a big disfavour. As more often than not you find that you become so stuck in your ways that when it comes to the concept of change you just can’t commit. This is almost always the case when it comes to our appearance!

The way we look can be a sensitive subject for many, after all nobody wants to look bad do they!? And for most of us we have invested years put into crafting our image, experimenting with makeup and hair in your teens until ultimately you’ve settled with a look that you’re happy with. But that’s the problem right there, you’ve settled and for most of us settled might as well mean you’re stuck. Stuck in a style rut you just can’t get out of, so wrapped up in routine that the idea of change is scary and in all honesty is probably never going to happen! We need to stop settling and finally try something new. In fact, here’s a short list of ideas to help you break out of your beauty comfort zone once and for all!

Change your parting

This is an easy one that takes little to no time at all. It’s also a great way of easing yourself into change as the end result isn’t too drastic and can easily be styled back if needs be.

Give your mop a chop

That’s right next time you head to the salon why not try something other than the usual trim, why not taking off a few inches or even getting a complete restyle! Cutting your hair can seem really scary especially if you are used to having longer hair but just remember it’s only hair and after all hair grows!

Get a fringe

A fringe is a great way of drastically changing your look, you can opt for bold big bangs or a subtle soft feathered fringe. It’s entirely up to you and what fits your personality. Having a fringe helps frame your face and can do wonders to your appearance and if you go for a style that suits your face shape it can take years off you! However go for a style that doesn’t and it could age you. So just be careful when deciding which kind of fringe is best for you.

Change your hair colour

If you have found your perfect hairstyle already then it’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to change it! But how about colouring it? We all get bored of our hair, in fact, hands up who has said that at least once in the last two months! Yep, thought so…anyway, when you’re bored of your hair but not willing to cut it that leaves a giant question mark hovering over your head. What should I do then? Well I say colour it! But what if it goes wrong I hear you cry! Well, that’s just a risk you will have to take. Besides, with enough research and a good stylist it’s hard to go wrong!

Wear lipstick

I’m not quite sure why but lipstick is one of those things you either tend to wear or you don’t but that as it may be it doesn’t stop wearing lipstick as being a great way to spice up your image. There are so many colours and textures of lipstick that it’s hard to keep count. In fact there’s something about wearing lipstick that injects confidence into you, it makes you feel powerful and glamorous all at the same time. It’s a godsend.

Experiment with eyeliner

Experimenting with eyeliner is not only super fun but it gives you loads of ideas on how to jazz up your makeup. Applying eyeliner isn’t always the easiest task, the chances of getting more in your eye than around it are high, but once you have it down it’s easy. The way you apply your eyeliner can drastically change the shape of your eyes! Just don’t go OTT a la Claudia Winkelman, panda eyes are never a good look.

Get your nails done

If you’ve never ad your nails done you totally should! Getting your nails done much like putting on some lipstick, fills you with confidence! They make you feel ultra-feminine and glamorous. Getting your nails done professionally ensures quality and longevity as most salons use shellac or gel nail polishes which are really tough and durable. As an added bonus you can try different deigns and nail art every so many weeks!


So go on, mix it up a little! Reinvent yourself a bit! Go out there, get a new hairstyle, get your nails done, even buy yourself a whole new wardrobe if anything it’s always an excuse to go shopping!

What did you make of our advice? Have you recently broke out of a style rut? Let us know in the comments section bellow!

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