NEW Judges announced for Nailympia London 2016

Unless you have been living under a rock you will know that Nailympia London is only a few months away! So first of all if you want to enter you should probably get your but in gear and click HERE before you run out of time!

Now that that is out of the way lets get to the big news! Today we found out that there have been TWO NEW judges announced! Sooo…lets find out who they are shall we!

Pink lineNew judge Nailympia Mojca Janezic - edit op 2 edit
New judge Nailympia Aliz Dora Toth - edit op 2Pink line

So there you have it two new judges to look out for at this years Nailympia London!

They will be joining:

List of judges 2016 nailympia London black

To enter Nailympia click HERE For details of Divisions click HERE and for rules and regulations click HERE! Finally if you just want to size up your competition click HERE!

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