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Have YOU entered the Scratch Stars Awards 2016 yet? If you haven’t you really should.

There are so many reasons you should submit an entry into this year’s awards. For example, winning is a great way to boost your reputation and career, in fact many past winners have been presented with BIG opportunities from BIG brands all following their win at the Scratch Stars Awards Sounds great, right?

Now we know what a lot of you are probably thinking”There’s no way I can enter THAT, I’m good enough yet”

And our response to that is what have you got to lose! FYI the answer is nothing!

That’s right you have nothing to lose, you just need a little confidence boost that’s all. We here at Roo Beauty are going to provide you with the push you need to progress your career and show people what you’re made of.

So for those who are a tad unsure if they should submit an entry into this year’s awards we are here to lend a helping hand and break down the categories into bitesize chunks to make it all seem a little less scary.


-Categories for Nail Techs heartsBlog950x45022edit ROO

Nail Stylist of the YearThis category is for top class nail techs, ambassadors and educators who are well rounded in skill with an exceptional educational portfolio. Click HERE to enter

get polish stylist of the year

This category is for all the techs who have embraced this technology and use it to create beautiful nails using the gel polish system. Click HERE to enter

L&PAre your skills with acrylic liquid and powder are second to none? Yes?! Then this one is for you! Click HERE to submit an entry

mani of the yr

Think your manicure skills are unrivalled? Do you deliver a luxury manicure experience with the perfect finish? If yes then you need to apply for this one sharpish. Click HERE if this is the category for you

mobile nail of the yrIf you’ve been working as a mobile nail tech for two years or more then you need to apply for this category now. This category is for all of you mobile nail techs who never compromise your skills despite constantly being on the go. Click HEREto enter this category

Gel tech oTYR

Can you create stunning nails using the gel system,(NOT gel polish) yes? Then what are you waiting for get your submission in Click HERE to get the ball rolling

Nail Artist Of The Year

Nail artists get the best out of plain old polish they use brushes. Stripers and nail paints to create sensational nail art on natural nails. (No airbrush art permitted)Click HERE to enter


Mixed media of the yearDo you take nail art to another level? Do you use a wide range of mixed media to create stunning designs that take peoples breath away? Then click HERE and submit your entryPedi of the YR

This category is for all techs who display a clear and complete understanding of the pedicure process. Click HERE to submit an entry for this category

One stroke artist oTyrHave you perfected the one stroke technique? Can you produce unparalleled designs using this technique? The click HERE and show the judges what you’re made of.

educator of the yrThis one is for UK college-based tutors, course leaders and brand educators who have worked for three years or more in their educational role. Get the ball rolling click HERE to apply

Session stylist of the yr

Are you signed with an agent? Do you work on photo shoots and shows with high profile clients on a daily basis? Well as long as you have been a session stylist for at least two years, this is the category for you. This award is also eligible for nomination so if you know anyone who fits the bill why not put their name forward. Click HERE to submit an entry

new for 2016

best use of social mediaAre you a dab hand with social media? DO you regularly interact with clients and promote your services on a variety of social media platforms? If so then this brand new category is perfect for you. Click HERE to enter There is also a category for BEST UK NAIL BLOGGER which is open to anyone click HERE to enter


categories for salons hearts

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Salon OTyr enviro

This one is for all the boutiques, salons and spas who offers nail services and treatments and opened prior to January 1st 2015. Please note footcare, nail and hand services must contribute to more than 70% off the total business revenue. Click HERE to submit an entry to this category

Retail salon of the yr

Any salon, boutique or spa that opened prior to January 1st 2015 and presents high retail sales of nail, hand and foot care products.Click HERE to enter

salon OTyr indi

If you opened prior to January 1st 2015 and define your business as a  nail salon then you should enter this category. Please note 70% of the business revenue must come from nail, hand and foot services and treatments. Click HERE to enter this


Remember all entrants are allowed to submit entries for two categories. That is unless you are lucky enough to be a salon owner AND a nail tech, in which case you can submit an entry into BOTH categories giving you a whopping four chances!

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