The night the Oscars came to Plymouth: GHQ Hair Show 2016

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The Oscars came to Plymouth thanks to GHQ Training’s annual hair show!

OK so, it wasn’t the real Oscars but it was pretty darn close! There was glitz, there was glamour and whilst we must admit we were a teeny-weenie bit upset to find out Leonardo DiCaprio wasn’t ACTUALLY coming, we still had a ball!

Picture a room laced with tables, each dressed in white table cloths and candelabra. Bottles of chilled wine sit patiently inside their elegant coolers, just waiting to be poured. The lights are low, the stage is set and the catwalk is even complete with a red carpet! One word springs to mind doesn’t it? WOW!

Room Collage

Just when you think the evening couldn’t get more glamorous, the show starts. Jean Rogers, managing director at GHQ enters the stage looking like an absolute dream in her elegant evening dress. She’s later accompanied by the cheeky and charming Heart Radio presenter The Boy Josh, together the pair made a delightfully charismatic duo an kept the audience smiling all night!

They weren’t the only talent present; the room was brimming with local salons and stylists all eager and ready to show their support. There was even a celebrity present! Charleine Wain, owner of the Charleine Wain Salon (previously Maiyas) and semi-finalist on BBC’s The Apprentice, was a judge for the evening! She was also joined by Tutor and assessor Sheridan Drew, salon owner and educator James Beaumont and master of hairdressing Mary Andrews to form the panel.

First up, the first year students! And boy did they bring their A game with the theme Blockbusters. They rocked it! Up next the beauty and nails students, who got super creative with their theme taking inspiration from films like The Little Mermaid and Suicide Squad. We even saw a rendition of Edward Scissor Hands…Edward Scissor-nails!


The first half of the show


Following the nails and beauty students, stylist Layla Smith took to the stage to provide a demonstration of her Mad Max inspired hair, a film choice that was influenced by her travels.


The second half of the show

The Second years theme was Sci-Fi and as you can imagine this was a VERY creative category. We saw a fabulous selection of short, bold, blunt cuts splashed with bright and vibrant colours, each and every style fitted the brief perfectly and looked out of this world literally! Last but certainly not least, the 3rd years with their theme of The Oscars! Which showcased a mix of both glamorous and Avant Garde hair creations. It was truly a stunning spectacle!

The evening was an overwhelming success; there was a huge array of creative and innovative looks and we think it’s definitely a case of watch this space! The students displayed a phenomenal level of talent and creativity. Both students and staff have excelled themselves and all we can really say is bravo GHQ Training! Bravo!

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