Vanity Cases

Vanity Cases

Vanity Cases

Across history, these types of humble vanity cases have been seen as the quintessential female accessory. Since their popularity grew in the Victorian period, a vanity case was so much more than a beauty box, often used to keep a range of keepsakes and important items that only the owner was to know of.

In the modern day, makeup cases can store a completely new range of products as women find uses for more and more beauty tools and accessories. If you’re the kind of person that desires the perfect compact beauty boxes or vanity cases, but also find yourself stuffing each cosmetics case you have to the brim, then there are many helpful options that Roo has to offer when it comes to the ultimate storage solutions.

Stylish And Practical Vanity Cases For Efficient Storage

Whilst we offer make up cases that feature a hollow design, many of you will fall in love with our tiered trays that are perfect for storing those small but essential tools, or simply the products you use that most and want closest at hand. So, why are Roo Beauty’s vanity boxes such a great choice?
A Range Of Sizes: Vanity cases from Roo can range from effortlessly compact through to our larger boxes for those of you that really do have an insane love of makeup and cosmetics. This range gives you the perfect choice to appeal to your own specific requirements.
Compartments: Whether you’re looking for a way to store nail varnish or lipstick, several of our beauty boxes feature specific compartments for standing those small but necessary essentials. Perfect for girls who are mad about nails but at a loss for how to store them within easy reach, this is the single most effective manner of beauty storage.

Colours And Designs: Just because you might keep your vanity case at home doesn’t mean you don’t want it to look great! Roo salon offers your perfect beauty box with a whole range of designs and colours for you to choose from, resulting in an individual style that reflects your own!

Vanity Boxes Are The Perfect Cases For Your Beauty Storage

Perfect for professionals and everyday use, whilst Roo produces professional quality make up cases and beauty boxes, this doesn’t mean that we don’t also think about you cosmetics fiends who have tons of make up for your own personal use! This is why we make a range of vanity cases that cover a wide base of prices to make sure that you can all find something ideal for every walk of life.

When looking for quality vanity cases, all these elements will result in the perfect beauty box choice for you. Whatever your needs when it comes to beauty storage, you’ll find the ideal fit right here with a great look and the perfect range of innovative designs and details that will make your case the best choice for you.