• Lisa Elridge

    Make-up Artist on the International Beauty and Fashion Cicuits

    One of my favourite ways to store nail polish is this cute idea from Roo and Marian Newman which I blogged in my "I love nail colours" video...

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  • Marian Newman

    Nail Manicurist to the Superstars

    Without exception, the designs are smart, fashionable and so functional !

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  • Leah Light

    Celebrity Nail Atrtist

    Every single product I have had the pleasure of using from Roo has surpassed all my expectations!! I highly recommend all the Roo products to any nail tech, makeup artist or hairdresser that wants the best storage solutions available!...

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  • Patrick Cameron

    Hairdresser to the Superstars

    I love anything that makes a busy hairdresser's life easier and the Roo Pouch is a good quality professionally made product designed especially for that reason

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  • Simon Shaw

    Top Hairdresser and Hair Clipper Manufacturer

    They have become my favourite to wear on stage, as they are a bespoke design that is really funky and full of colour...

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  • TIGI

    Hair and Beauty Product Specialist

    It was great to get a pouch made from a brand that has a good rapport and reputation with hairdressers along with the funky style and designs...

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My favourite is the Roo Mobile Rucksack all ready to go! I find this fabulous bag the perfect size for male grooming, or for a client whose needs are well known and you can do with a small kit. It is fantastic for London living, making getting on and off the bus or tube so much easier than using a case. The additional bags make organising your products a pleasure.

Jackie Tyson
Professional Make Up Artist

When travelling from shoots to shows, these cases ensure that my products are kept protected and well organised, which is a must. Their designs are fun and stylish and the bags are durable, long lasting and practical. I really couldn’t live without them now!

Jenni Draper
Professional Make Up Artist

I do a lot of make-up demos and the Roo make-up belt looks professional, is comfortable to wear and easy to clean. Also, the different size pockets are perfect for all my tools and not too deep, so my brushes don't disappear out of sight.

Karen Lockyer
Professional Make Up Artist

I love the new Roo make up roll and belt which make storing and accessing my brushes and equipment while I’m working really easy. The funky colours are fantastic and the product quality is truly first grade.

Kelly Cornwall
Professional Make Up Artist

They are a massive invaluable help when you have to apply as many different nail designs as I do in a day! Knowing where everything is saves you time and therefore money, which is why they are essential for your kit.

Kimberly Casey
Professional Make Up Artist

I used Marian Newman’s nail polish roll in my "I love Nail colours" video on my blog x

Lisa Eldridge
Professional International Make Up Artist

I like to break them down into face, cheeks, eyes & lips. The nail polish organiser is genius, all my colours are easy to see & not bashing around in my bag.

Lisa Valencia
Professional Make Up Artist

Fab belt and excellent tool rolls!

Liz Beckett
Professional Make Up Artist

The Roo Beauty Snug Apron in black is the most versatile brush belt I have ever seen. I love the fact that it is 2-in-1: brush belt and brush roll. It has loops of various sizes so even the thinnest brush can stay in place. The removable belt, an accessory in itself, adjusts well to the waist so the brush roll stays comfortably put. All in all a super practical and extra stylish make up kit accessory!

Maria Papadopoulou
Beauty Editor of OZON magazine